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  • Other names: Dangsini Wonhaneun Ge Je Simjangingayo ; Do You Want My Heart? ; Is It My Heart That You Want? ; Ne volez pas mon cœur ; 你想要我的心脏吗? ; 私の心臓をご所望ですか? ; 당신이 원하는 게 제 심장인가요
  • Author(s): Unicorn (Ii) Meh
  • Genre(s): Drama Fantasy Historical Josei Romance Shoujo
  • Status: On going
  • Scan/Translation group: Updating
  • Views: 10


You tore out my heart. Now, I must find out why. The humans of the Bavenberg Empire and the sea people called mermarcs have been embroiled in a bloody war for over a decade. When a truce is finally called, a young half-mermarc girl called Cordelia is sent to the imperial palace as a token of peace. As the years pass by, she befriends the imperial prince, Noah von Bavenberg, and the lady-in-waiting, Melina von Hannover. She has everything that she could want or need, except for one thing - the ability to set foot outside of the imperial villa. Despite this, Cordelia spends her days free from care, surrounded by the love of her friends and the generosity of the emperor. However, on her 18th birthday, Cordelia's life takes a dark and twisted turn. After a horrific incident, she finds herself transported two years back in time. Can Cordelia remove the veil from her eyes to discover the sinister truth behind the empire? Will she be able to save herself from the inevitable events to come?

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